Yak & Yeti: Restaurant Review

The quick service Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café in Animal Kingdom has always been one of my favourite quick services locations on Walt Disney World property. Rather than the generic ‘here’s something that comes with fries’ approach that so many QS locations take, Yak & Yeti provides a delicious alternative.

So I decided that the Yak & Yeti table service restaurant, also located in the Asia area of the park, would be worth a try. Spoiler: I was right.

I booked the reservation only a few days beforehand, for 2pm. It was a great time to have booked for as it started raining about 10 minutes before our reservation time. What felt like every guest in Animal Kingdom all decided that was a great place to shelter. As a result, the walk in time was somewhere around an hour and the greeter looked less than happy. We waited for 10 minutes after our reservation time, but given how hard it was raining we were just happy to be in the dry.

It also gave us the chance to look at the décor. The theming is of a village home that’s been transformed into a pan-Asian restaurant. There’s wonderful Asian decoration all around.

When we were seated, it was downstairs and only a few rows back from the door so Justin found himself in a draught. If it had been quieter I would have asked to move but chaos was reigning so I decided to be nice and stay quiet.

Our server was very prompt and cheerful throughout, which was great considering how busy she was.

The lunch menu gave us a lot of options, and all of them reasonable by Disney table service standards.

We ordered two cocktails to start. I had the Kiwi Kimono and Justin opted for the Pink Himalayan. Mine was very refreshing and sweet but not too sweet, so was a winner for me. Justin’s choice went down very nicely as well.

As a starter (appetiser) we ordered the Ahi Tuna Nachos to share. The next statement will be a big one, but I stand by it: it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It was absolutely delicious. Every flavour perfectly complemented the others. I am practically drooling just remembering it. I am considering booking Yak & Yeti for my next trip purely for this starter.

For our main courses (entrée) I had the Crispy Honey Chicken. Justin had the Sweet and Sour Chicken. Both were absolutely huge portions! We ended up taking half to go. Although my meal was very tasty it was just a larger version of the same meal from Local Foods Café (I don’t know what else I expected …) so I wish I had ordered something that wasn’t available as a quick service meal.

We were both too full for a dessert by this point although I did consider one!

I would absolutely recommend Yak & Yeti – especially those incredible Ahi Tuna Nachos. It’s even better if you can predict the weather and get a reservation for when it’s going to rain. Good food and a shelter from the rain is always a winning combination!



  1. 17 February 2018 / 7:53pm

    I love Yak & Yeti! I had never been on previous trips, but I heard so many good things so I checked it out when I was their last summer. I have to say I loved the Crispy Honey Chicken that I had 😀

    • 18 February 2018 / 4:04pm

      The honey chicken is so so good! The restaurant is one of my favourites in WDW.
      Thank you for commenting 🙂