10 Rides You Must Do in Disneyland Paris

Let’s talk about Disneyland Paris rides! I am a huge fan of rides in general so here’s a run down of the 10 rides I consider ‘must do’ in Disneyland Paris. There’s another post on the way next week with my ‘must do’ rides in Walt Disney Studios. This week I’m just focusing on the Disneyland Park.

If you agree, or think I’ve missed any out, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear which rides you can’t leave the park without visiting.

(these rides are in no particular order because I spent so long trying to rank them I was almost losing sleep. Okay, that may be a little extreme …)

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain

This truly is the wildest ride in the wilderness! It’s a fun, solid rollercoaster that all ages can enjoy. The version in Disneyland Paris is actually the longest and fastest out of the 4 versions of this ride in Disney parks worldwide. This is my favourite ride in this park. Even if you don’t like rollercoasters (or think you don’t like rollercoasters), please give this one a try. It’s pure fun and I’ve never seen anyone come off this ride looking less than mildly happy.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups

I get motion sick on a fair few rides. On most of them it isn’t bad enough to stop me going on the ride, but I have avoided the Tea Cups for many years for fear it may push me over the edge. On my most recent trip to Disneyland Paris my mother and I rode the Tea Cups twice because it was raining and there was no queue. I survived! And, dare I say, I actually enjoyed myself.

This is a classic fairground ride, but it’s themed so well and it’s so pretty! And it often doesn’t have a long wait, which is always a bonus.

Peter Pan’s Flight

This is one of the most popular rides in the park. It often has a really long line so try and get there as soon as the park opens, or pick up a FastPass for it. It’s a slow moving ride through the story of Peter Pan, so it’s good for the whole family. What makes this ride special is the ride vehicle itself. You ‘fly’ on pirate ships – they are attached above so there are times when you appear to be flying over the scenes. The nighttime London scene is particularly memorable.

Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor

In my opinion, Phantom Manor is better themed than the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World. It is in French, but that doesn’t a non-French speaker from understanding the storyline.
I am a huge fan of the Disney ‘haunted houses’ in all guises – they may seem spooky but there’s a real tongue in cheek humour to them that all ages can enjoy. For children, it’s a very safe potentially scary ride. Nothing jumps out at you and your slow moving Doom Buggies (the name of the ride vehicle) are actually rather cosy.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

This ride was the first Disney ride with an inversion. Besides that fact, it is very much an ordinary (if slightly jerky) rollercoaster. It’s Indiana Jones themed in name only – take away the name and it’s just themed like Adventureland. It’s a decent rollercoaster and it’s often quiet because it’s in the far back corner of the park on a path that doesn’t lead anywhere else. If you’re not a rollercoaster fan, you can probably skip this one. Big Thunder is far superior.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

This is truly a classic Disney park attraction. The animatronics are amazing, the song is catchy and it’s a good excuse to sit down for a few minutes. It’s the ride that inspired the film series of the same name (yes, the rides came first). PotC is a must do both because it’s a classic and because it’s a great ride.

Star Tours

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you don’t need me to tell you that this is a must do. It’s a simulator ride, and I get horribly motion sick on simulators so I have to skip this one, but most people love it. You get to ride through the many different planets/systems of the films. There’s a variety of storylines that you can ride, and although it’s usually in French, you can ask a Cast Member for English. They won’t always do it but the option is there.

it’s a small world

It's a Small World

If you don’t have this song stuck in your head while you’re wandering around a Disney park, you’re doing it wrong. This ride is the ‘happiest cruise that ever sailed’ and it really is. I may roll my eyes at it but I could not go on a Disney trip and not go on IASW. It wouldn’t feel right.
The colours and the dolls and the song all combine to make it a catchy and entertaining and, let’s be honest, harmless ride.

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

This is a must do because it’s so much fun to get competitive with family and friends. You have a laser blaster and spend the whole ride aiming at targets and trying to get as high a score as possible, with the intention of defeating Emperor Zurg. If it’s quiet, ride it a few times. It’s like being inside a colourful video game. And it’s always fun to be able to gloat when you get a higher score than your mum/brother/boyfriend/cousin/daughter.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain

I discussed my thoughts on this ride in a previous blog post so it may seem odd that this ride makes the list. But it does, because if you like rollercoasters you should absolutely try this ride. It’s got a blast off launch (probably not the technical term), it’s got inversions and it’s got an on board soundtrack. In theory, it’s a great ride. If only it weren’t so jerky.

Next week I’ll be discussing my ‘must do’ rides in Walt Disney Studios park.