The Boathouse: Restaurant Review

Following on from my last post, I decided to write a review of the meal that Justin and I had at The Boathouse on our last trip. We’d decided that we wanted to go for one ‘nice meal’ while we were out there, and Kelsey of Never Never Growing Up recommended The Boathouse to us.

I made our reservation through the My Disney Experience app two days beforehand (I think), and I’m glad we did because the restaurant was so busy! It’s actually a LOT bigger than it looks from the outside, and almost all of the tables were full. We were asked if we wanted to sit inside our outside. It was a nice evening so we opted to sit outside and had a gorgeous view overlooking the water and Saratoga Springs.

Our server (I wish I could remember her name!) was really attentive at the beginning, chatty and friendly, but then she was clearly given a LOT more tables because we barely saw her again – she was rushing all over the place! Luckily she had a server helper (if that’s the correct term), which meant we weren’t left sitting there with dirty plates in front of us for ages. It also saved us money, because we’d probably have both ordered another drink if we’d seen anyone to order with, but by the time we did we’d almost finished our main course so didn’t bother!

We both decided to have cocktails. I had the Lemon Drop Martini and Justin had an Old Fashioned (side note: I just Googled whether or not a cocktail name should be capitalised, and there doesn’t seem to be a a consistent answer, so I’ve just capitalised them because I think it looks better). The Lemon Drop Martini came with a candy swizzle stick, which, if I’m honest, I preferred to the cocktail! It was STRONG. As in, I shuddered every time I took a sip. Oh well, that’s what I get for ordering a mostly vodka cocktail, I suppose!

I ordered the lobster bisque as a starter. Justin didn’t have a starter because nothing caught his eye. The lobster bisque was AMAZING. I cannot even describe to you how happy I was in those minutes I spent sipping away at that soup. It was perfect. I could have eaten four or five more bowls of that and still wanted more. Seriously, if you’re going to The Boathouse and you like lobster and/or soup – get the lobster bisque. You can thank me later.

For our main courses, I had the lump crab cake and Justin had the swordfish steak. My crab cake was very tasty, but it could have done with a bit ‘more’ to it. I should definitely have ordered a side (or more of that lobster bisque, that would have worked too), as I wasn’t completely full by the end. Justin’s swordfish was fantastic, though (the little bit he allowed me to try!). The sauce complemented the flavour of the fish perfectly.

We were both tempted by dessert but a breeze had picked up by this point and we were both a little cool, so decided to skip dessert (we later found ourselves at Sprinkles …). Some of them did sound delicious, though!

Overall, would I recommend The Boathouse? Yes, absolutely. The food was very good quality and, depending on where you’re sat, the views are great. Get the lobster bisque! Save some for me, too.


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