Primark’s New Items, including Christmas Decorations

If you’ve seen my previous Primark post, you’ll know they have such a great selection of Disney related products. They’re also all very reasonably (dare I say cheaply?!) priced.
I nipped into Primark yesterday while running a couple of errands (if I’m walking past I can’t stop myself. It’s a problem). Here’s a couple of new items that I’d not seen in store before:

Primark Mickey Mouse head purse
Primark sparkly Mouse Mouse head purse
Primark Tinker Bell purse

All of these are purses, and were £4 each. I love all of these purses, particularly the Tinker Bell one. I’m not completely convinced of their practicality though! Knowing me those ears would not fare well tossed into the depths of my handbag.

Primark Mickey ears backpack

I actually already own this bag and hadn’t seen it in the shops for months, so it was good to see it re-stocked. It’s a great bag, very roomy and is perfect for the parks. I can’t wait to take mine to Disneyland Paris in November.

Primark Christmas deocrations pink and blue

How beautiful are these Christmas decorations? Usually I wouldn’t discuss anything remotely Christmassy until at least November, but I’ve a feeling these will sell out so I’m breaking my own rules!

Primark Christmas decorations red

I couldn’t resist getting these ones, especially since they were only £4 for the pack. I love the colours of the pink/blue ones above, but these ones will fit much better with our current tree decorations. There were only four packs of these left so I knew I’d regret not getting them if they’re sold out next time I’m in Primark.

All of these were in the Primark in Cwmbran. It isn’t one of the ‘bigger’ Primarks so there’s a good chance your local Primark will have these too.