Primark Bags

Ask any British Disney fan where in the UK you can find the best – and most reasonable – selection of Disney merchandise. They’ll probably say Primark.

The great thing about the Primark Disney merchandise is that it’s so CHEAP. Some of the clothes have such great designs, and they’re only £6-10. Okay, they’ll probably disintegrate after about 6 washes, but with so many to choose from, is that really the worst thing in the world?

On a recent trip to Primark (I make a lot more trips to Primark since they started doing really good Disney items. They take far more of my payslip than I care to admit), I found the above Chip bag that I’ve seen all over social media so was VERY pleased with myself. It was in the children’s section, and there were loads of them (probably because adults without children don’t tend to wander into the children’s section. I’ve sussed the situation out. I’ve got the full Primark game).

And if you can read upside down you’ll see that they are a barginous (not a word) £5! The mini coin purse version I also picked up was £3.

Other bags that I came across on this particular visit were:

This backpack is £12. I was half tempted by it as it’s a really good size (I have the plain black Mickey ears backpack, and this is probably two-three inches taller than that), but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the print.

Chip on a bookbag is TOO adorable. This is only £3 and I didn’t get it but sort of wish I had. I don’t need it, but this is the kind of bag that’s always useful at some point or another. Right?

Another one from the children’s section (excuse my chipped nail varnish). This Minnie Mouse tsum-style bag is a perfect evening out size, and I really like it, though it’s a little too cutesy for my personal taste.

They’d moved a lot of things around in the Primark I went to, to make way for their autumn/winter collections, so I struggled to find the Disney t-shirts at first. There was a new one featuring Chip and Dal that I hadn’t seen before (forgot to take a photo of that one, sorry!), but all the others were ones I’d seen on previous visits.

I’ll post lots of Primark Disney posts, I’m sure. There’s just too much good stuff not to!


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