About Me

I’m Emma, I’m in my (late) twenties (though luckily my baby face hides the fact that I’m closer to 30 than I am to 25) and I live in South Wales, UK with my rather wonderful boyfriend.

I am a self-confessed Disney parks nerd. I like all aspects of Disney, don’t get me wrong, but my particular nerdiness lies with the parks. I’ve been visiting Walt Disney World every year since I was 7. I’ve visited Disneyland twice (really need to increase that number …) and Disneyland Paris six times (I think).

I worked at Epcot for 15 months between October 2012-January 2014 on the Cultural Representative Program. Becoming a Cast Member was my childhood dream come true. So, next Disney related dream is to visit all 6 parks worldwide. I’m halfway there!

What is SpectroMagical all about?

SpectroMagical is a place for me to discuss any Disney parks news, write trip reports, and maybe some mentions of films/merchandise thrown in there too.

I also want to provide tips for visiting the Disney parks from the UK perspective. The majority of Disney parks (particularly Walt Disney World) based information are American orientated – which is understandable, of course, given where the parks are located! But it can often be confusing when you’re not from the USA.

If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to drop me an email at spectromagicalx@gmail.com.
I’m active on Instagram, Twitter and – most recently – Pinterest (still getting to grips with that one though!).

I’ve also started my own SpectroMagical YouTube channel where I’m posting vlogs from my Disney parks trips, and day trips and short breaks around the UK too!

So feel free to come and say hi on any/all of those social media platforms ♥

Oh, and special thanks goes to Ryan Cano for my personalised and wonderful header image. His work is amazing (and excellently nerdy). Follow him on Instagram, and check out his designs on Etsy and Tee Public.