Renaming Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’ve not already seen the WDW News Today post about the survey with possible name changes for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be prepared to be appalled.

Here are the options that Disney are kicking about (potentially; the source of the survey hasn’t actually been verified):

Disney Kaleidoscope Park
Disney Storyverse Park
Disney Hyperia Park
Disney Beyond Park
Disney Cinemagic Park
Disney Legends Park
Disney XL Park
Disney Cinemagine Park

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to realise that ‘Cinemagine’ is a combination of ‘cinema’ and ‘imagine’ (at least, that’s what I’m assuming it is). In my head I was pronouncing it as cine-mageen, as if it was a cinematic tagine.

I agree that Hollywood Studios, as a park name, needs rethinking. There’s barely anything ‘Studios’ left about it, although there is some semblance of Hollywood with the film links (which will only increase with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land – is that the official name?). But to have the park change names twice within 30 years is a little excessive. Clearly this park is having an identity crisis. Which, I suppose, is why the names on that list are so all over the place.

Kaleidoscope? How does that begin to fit in?

Not a single one of these is a viable option, surely? Did they actually pay people real money to come up with these options? Disney Beyond Park? Beyond what? Beyond where? You can’t call a park ‘beyond’. That’s just a preposition/adverb. It’s barely a noun, guys; you can do better than this.

Let’s not even mention XL. Let’s just not.


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