Disneyland Paris at Christmas

Okay, Christmas is over for another year so this post is a little late. But if I made New Year’s Resolutions, one of them would be to blog more. Since my most recent trip to a Disney park was in November and therefore Christmastime, you’re having this Christmas themed post now. Better late than never, right?

Disneyland Paris Christmas

I posted before I went about my Disneyland Paris Christmas bucketlist. We managed to do everything on the list apart from meeting characters, whoops. We did see characters around to meet but they always had longer queues than the rides had so we skipped that one!

A lot of people have raved about Mickey’s Christmas Big Band (Videopolis, Discoveryland) but, honestly, I thought it was a bit over the top. I cringed at several points. The music was fun, and the characters looked wonderful in their 1920s themed outfits but I would have no concerns about not seeing it again!

Goofy’s Incredible Christmas (Walt Disney Studios park) was SO CHEESY. Maybe it was because it was pouring with rain while we were watching it, but I couldn’t wait for it to be over! The projection mapping was very well done and the Tower of Terror did look very festive throughout, but the storyline (if you could call it that) was weak. Some characters danced on a screen, Father Christmas ho-ho-ho’d in French over on another screen, and the Tower of Terror changed pattern a few times. That’s all you need to know.

Goofy's Incredible Christmas

The Christmas parade (Disneyland park) was very cute. I didn’t manage to get any good photos, though, because it was (again) pouring with rain while we watched it. Having Duffy in it was a fun touch that I enjoyed (I am a not so secret Duffy fan girl).

I’ll save my thoughts on Disney Stars on Parade and Illuminations for a post on the 25th Anniversary things (something for you to look forward to!).

Disneyland Paris Christmas

In the meantime, though, there were a couple of other wonderful Christmassy things that are worth mentioning:

‘Snow’ on Main Street USA
It happened every 15 minutes or so, and was completely magical. Sparkly twinkly music full of anticipation starts playing, and a few seconds later ‘snow’ starts falling from the sky (okay, fine, from blowers on the rooftops). It was such a magical moment every time we saw it, because all of the guests would just stop and stare upwards in wonder. It was perhaps my favourite thing from the whole trip.

Gingerbread house at the Disneyland Hotel
I found out about this from Instagram and I’m so glad I did! It reminded me so much of the one at the Grand Floridian resort (albeit smaller). It also gave us a break away from the parks. We had a little sit down on the mezzanine balcony above, which revived us for the evening.

Main Street USA Christmas

It’s a Small World Holiday
(I’m not sure if that’s the ‘official’ name for it since ‘holiday’ is more of an American term, but I can’t find an official reference to it online so that’ll do!)
The whole ride was festively decorated, and the dolls even switched to singing Jingle Bells between renditions of their usual classic. We had no idea it was going to be Christmassy and we loved it! So much so that we voluntarily rode it twice …

It's a Small World Christmas

We’re already looking at going again at the same time again next year. The coach trip we went on was SO reasonable. Although the weather was mostly horrible, there were moments of sunshine and blue skies. The parks themselves were really quiet, too, so we were able to do everything at a leisurely pace. Sometimes just wandering and taking things in (and taking photos!) are the best things to do in the Disney parks.

Disneyland Paris Christmas

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