Disneyland Paris Christmas Bucketlist

My mother and I are going to Disneyland Paris at the end of November, and I am SO excited to see the parks all Christmassy. I’ve not been to DLP at Christmas in 11 years so I cannot wait to see what’s new. Here are the top 5 things that I’m looking forward to doing/seeing while we’re there:

Image from disneylandparis.co.uk

5. Meeting characters in their Christmas outfits
I’m always awkward at meeting characters, but I love how the photos look and my mother loves meeting characters (especially Mickey!), so this is something I definitely want to do. They’ve got some more unusual characters available to meet, too, such as Scrooge McDuck.

4. Mickey’s Christmas Big Band
This seems to be new for this year – on the Videopolis stage in Discoveryland there’s going to be a live choir singing Christmas songs with help from Mickey and his friends, set to a live big jazz band. I love big band AND Christmas music, so I think this will be really fun.

3. Goofy’s Incredible Christmas
Also new for this year is a projection show on the Hollywood Tower Hotel in Walt Disney Studios. I’m a big fan of shows that use projection mapping (right back to when the first show on Cinderella Castle used it to put people’s PhotoPass photos up there!), so I’m excited to see what they do with this one. I also find it interesting that WDW has also announced a similar show in Hollywood Studios – obviously someone liked DLP’s idea and decided to take it stateside!

2. Christmas Parade
When we last went to DLP at Christmas, I LOVED the Christmas parade. Chante, c’est Noel! is still one of my favourite Christmas songs (if you’ve never heard it, YouTube it. It’s cheesy and wonderful and catchy!). I’m sure it’s changed since then (I don’t want to YouTube it because I don’t like ruining the surprise!), but if it makes me as happy as the last one then we’re good to go. Plus who doesn’t love a Disney parade?

Image from dlptoday.com

1. Disney Stars on Parade and Disney Illuminations
Okay, neither of these are specifically Christmassy BUT I was so worried I wouldn’t get the chance to see either of these, so I’m so glad they’re still going to be on even though it’s Christmastime. As much as I love the parades in Walt Disney World, I’ve always preferred the parade music for the DLP parades. Maybe it’s my not-so secret love of Europop?! The parade music is always more of a ‘pop song’ and I can’t help but bop along! So I’m very excited to see Stars on Parade, and the replacement to Disney Dreams.

I’m also looking forward to being able to take a LOT of photos. Justin doesn’t take photos so when it’s just the two of us I can tell he gets a little bored waiting for me to take yet another photo (he hides it well, but his frustration starts to show by the end of a trip!). My mother, on the other hand, is where my desire to take a photo of everything comes from, so I’ll be able to photograph everything to my heart’s content!


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